My Equipment

Take a look at the information & video's below to get a view of what eqipment I can provide your event.

Sound System

My sound system is suitable for small, medium or large venues. Please contact me for further infomation on your requirements.

Alto TS215 Speakers

The TS215 was designed with versatility and longevity in mind. The TS215’s trapezoidal design greatly decreases the resonance of the standing wave in the cabinet, producing a truer and more exact sound reproduction. This durable, lightweight enclosure is stand-mountable for weekend gigs and flyable for more permanent installations. Both the 15” low-frequency and 1” high-frequency drivers in the TS215 are designed to be super-efficient. This translates into more of the power from your amplifier actually working to generate sound rather than heat. Inside and out, every component of the TS215 was developed to provide accurate, transparent, powerful sound.

Alto TS 18 Subwoofers 

The frequency range and crossovers of the Truesonic TSSUB18 have been tuned to provide smooth, low-end sound production in the 37Hz-125Hz range. They also offer stereo inputs, an internal active crossover, and are housed in rugged, compact, 18mm Birch plywood cabinets with durable metal recessed handles. When you're ready to extend the frequency range of your live performance reinforcement, Truesonic subwoofers are the effective, economical, and professional choice.

KWM1932 HH Wireless Mics

Pro finish fixed frequency UHF wireless microphone system
UHF wireless system including dual channel receiver and 2 mic transmitters
Individual channel volume controls
LED status indicators
2 x adjustable antenna
System includes receiver, 2 x mics, batteries, PSU and audio cable
2 x balanced XLR outputs
1 x unbalanced 6.35mm jack mixed output
Working distance: 50 meters
Continuous usage: 5 hours

Lighting & Lasers

American DJ Zipper

Create pure lighting excitement with the ADJ Zipper, an ideal lighting effect for any mobile entertainer, small nightclub, bar our lounge and for Bowling and entertainment centers. This fixture features four barrel mirrors, 8-Watt LEDs and 16 exciting built-in lightshows, all in a compact fixture. The red, green, blue and white beams swivel back and forth and create multiple beams that cover a wide area.
The Zipper is easy to use with a variety of options to operate. User may run the Zipper in Sound Active mode where the light will move to the sound of music, DMX control or internal show mode with 16 built-in lightshows

ADJ Stinger Gobo

The 3-FX-IN-1 from the Stinger Gobo, part of ADJ’s Stinger Series, helps you create an event to remember! With 3 different lighting effects in one and 6 built-in lightshows (Moonflower Gobo effect, color wash effect and a red/green laser effect) you have hours of fun built into one lighting fixture.

Beamz Terminator III Double Moonlight with Laser and Strobe

The Terminator III combines the power of 3 great effects into a single fixture. The double moonflowers create a colourful effect that, combined with the laser, lights up any dance floor. Finished off with a strong white stroboscope to create extra energy in the room.

American DJ - ON-X (X2)

ON-X creates exciting lighting effects with its 8 quick sweeping beams and its dual 4-Zone RGBW LED chasing that pulsing and strobes creating pure lighting excitement for any party.
 This unique fixture features 8 x 3-Watt bright, RGBW LEDs with a narrow 3.4 degrees beam angle, 6 DMX Channel modes. The On-X may be controlled via it’s own built-in programs, a DMX Controller or the easy-to-use UC IR wireless remote or the Airstream IR App (sold separately). Best when used in multiples, the On-X is designed for stages, nightclubs, lounges, bars and mobile entertainers because it creates a big impact with a small footprint.

Beamz Multiradiant (X2)

Being the upgrade of the MultiRadiant, this 2nd version made a leap forward. Now there are 6 different colours to use and you can control all functions with the supplied remote control (infra-red). The master/ slave function makes it ideal for mobile DJ and entertainers. If you use the DMX mode you are able to control every single colour and add strobe and rotating effects on the fly. Enough diversity to play around with.


Kam Party Bar V2

Powerful all-in-one DMX LED lighting system with footswitch control. Compact and portable design with carry cases Dynamic ready-to-go lighting for stage performance or parties.


Beamz RGB LED Par Cans (X2)

Create a multitude of wash effects using these two 8-channel DMX lights in PAR36 cans. 55 RGB LEDs work to deliver a bold array of uplight and wash effects to illuminate objects, walls and ceilings at your parties, events and DJ sets. These also have the ability to strobe or fade and works energy efficiently to ensure longer use. These lights come with hardy, duo-bracketed stands which can be placed on the floor or stage, or there is a hole for mounting onto lighting rigs and stands. Easily stowed away and built for the road, these lights are ideal for mobile DJs. Connect the two together using DMX and create a string of awesome lighting effects!.

Mood & Uplighting

LED uplighters are a brilliant way to create a dramatic effect with colour. The simplest way to transform an event is by using uplighters placed strategically around the venue to create a colour block, or perhaps have two or three colours as part of your theme. There is also the option to pre-programme each uplighter. This means that you could set your choice of colours to change automatically throughout your event, creating a spectacle to amaze your guests. There are many colour combinations, offering good quality of light even for day-time events. If there is a stage at your venue, you could implement a simple white backdrop and incorporate the use of the LED Uplighters to create a design which will alter your staging area.

American DJ Mega TriPar Profile

The American DJ Mega Tripar Profile is an ultra compact, low sleek par designed for uplighting and stage lighting. It will bring excitement to any party. This particular par has a unique "Sit-Flat" design so it can go directly on the ground or be mounted virtually anywhere on a wall.

Lanta Lighting - Orion Link V2™

The Orion Link V2™ features 320 10mm LEDs for subtle and seamless colour mixing. Simple and quick to install, the unit is ideally suited for architectural installations, but with the added feature of colour chases and flashes, it is now suited for DJ’s too. To reduce cable clutter, the Orion Link V2 comes with power in/out to enable the user to daisy chain multiple products. For control, the unit accepts DMX512 signals as well as on board control and can be linked via 3 pin XLR cables.

120 WHITE WEDDING LED DJ STAR CLOTH 170CM X 100CM – Lovely for weddings & christening events! 

120 bright white LEDs, 175cm x 95cm, 8 mode light controller.
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